The difference between "gustar" and "caer bien/mal"

Saying that you "like" something or someone in Spanish is quite different from English. Learn about the two most common verbs for expressing like/dislike, "gustar" and "caer bien/mal".

Jan 12, 2021
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Pick the right verb

Select the most appropiate verb between "gustar" and "caer bien/mal" according to the context for each of the blank fields below.

1. Esos frijoles
, le duele el estómago.
2. Esas empanadas
, son muy ricas.
3. María es muy atractiva. Ella
4. Felipe es muy amable.
5. Al computador no
una limpiada.
6. Yo creo que
la comida porque tengo náuseas.
7. A ellos no
la película, les pareció aburrida.
8. A nosotros no
Camilo. Es muy creído.
9. Tú estás muy estresado, no
unas vacaciones.
10. A Sara
Manuel. Dijo que era muy sexy.

Translate the sentence

Select the correct Spanish translation for the following sentences.

  1. The house needs some painting.
  2. Don’t you like fruit?
  3. Felipe doesn’t tolerate milk well.
  4. I really like Manuel, he is so sexy.
  5. María doesn’t like her boss, because he is very unfair.
  6. Chicken broth makes her feel better.
  7. The dog could use a bath.
  8. You like Felipe because he is very kind.
  9. We didn’t like the news. It made us anxious.
  10. I wouldn’t mind a little trip.
  • Pick the right verb
  • Translate the sentence
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