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Get Fluent Spanish is the product of a 3-person team with a common goal: to make great content to help Spanish students break through the intermediate plateau and experience the rewards of true fluency.

Becoming fluent is not easy, and as you advance, it can become very difficult to find resources to keep improving. We try to address the biggest problems that intermediate and advanced students face, and provide lessons, exercises and podcasts to help you to really master the language.


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Spanish teacher, writer

Hello! I’m Andrea and I am a Spanish teacher. I’m originally from Colombia but I was raised in Venezuela, so I can say I’m colombo-venezolana. In university I studied Modern Languages, and there aren’t enough words -either in Spanish or English- to tell you how much I enjoyed it! Languages are my passion in life, along with Colombian coffee and Venezuelan arepas, of course.

I’m an experienced and passionate teacher and am always cheerful simply because I love what I do! Along with professor Merly, I’m in charge of writing the content and making all the coffee we need for our long grammar discussions. I personally think that teaching a language is all about sharing your culture, feeling empathy, and having a lot of fun, and I really hope that you will see that reflected in our website.


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Spanish teacher, writer

Hi, I'm Merly, and I'm a Spanish teacher from Colombia! Teaching is truly my passion. In fact, I decided that I was going to become a teacher when I was just 8 years old! Since then, I have earned a degree in Spanish language education and have been teaching Spanish to both native speakers and foreigners for more than 10 years.

I love challenging my students, taking them out of their comfort zone and showing them that they are capable of more than they believe they are. I also enjoy debating grammar with Andrea and finding the best way to explain important but seldom taught topics. My other passion is dancing (even when I'm explaining grammar, I can't stop dancing!), and I am convinced that learning a language is like learning to dance. For this reason, I want to help Spanish students not just learn the language but feel it, enjoy it and live it as well.


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Developer, editor

I'm Michael and I write the code and edit the content for the site. I am also obsessed with the Spanish language, having moved to Colombia from Canada in 2017 to live my life completely in Spanish. This is where I met Merly and Andrea, the other members of the team.

For me, the greatest reward of learning Spanish is not completing a new Duolingo level, getting a school credit or impressing other English speakers at parties. It is being able to connect culturally with an enormous number of people from many countries, understanding and relating to them in a way that would be otherwise impossible. I hope that through the content of this website, we can help others push through the intermediate plateau and reap the rewards of real fluency.

When not writing code or speaking Spanish, I like to travel, play chess, and do heavy barbell squats.

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